Oct 13

All about safety of gun and kind

If you are among  ones who  deals with the situation of carrying a gun in your truck or car  you must keep it within your reach so that you can reach out for it.But you need to carry it with permit or else keep it in your trunk.Not to mention that none of the safe are completely  theft proof  and  neither of them have locks that cannot be broken.What safe you need depends mainly on  from whom  you want to keep your gun away from,how easily it can be accessed and of course how much you are willing to spend.I feel that you should not waste time thinking the strongest unbreakable  safe.But on what your needs are and your primary reason for having a safe.Having said that there are many good safes available in amazon.Just dig more or you can find some good safes  at safelelo.com On the other hand there are vaults available specifically for trucks manufactured by console vault and biometric gun safe.But they can be expensive.They also provide universal console vault which can be fitted and secures to factory console bolt holes.